About the Awakening Songs Project

Bodhi Jeffreys' Awakening Songs are written and recorded to nurture the unfolding awakening across the planet, offering high frequency songs to stimulate the innate awakening vibration dormant or alive within each being.

Bodhi performing at a sound healing and meditation event.
Bodhi performing at a sound healing and meditation event.

While Bodhi has been a consciousness teacher for a long time, he's been involved with music his entire life, spending many years writing, recording and performing music professionally. 

The Awakening Songs Project integrates his consciousness work and creative musical nature, providing a new avenue for Bodhi to express these teachings.

Those who have heard early versions of the songs have shared that having the songs play over and over in their heads helped them stay conscious throughout the day.

The Project Inspiration & Genesis

One night, sitting in stillness Bodhi felt a strong energy moving through him and heard these words: "Bring light through sound." 

Surprised, he expanded his awareness and saw a vision of himself in the form of a musical note dancing with Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts.

The art for the single, The Power of Now.

A fully-formed vision for the Awakening Songs Project followed —songs written and recorded to inspire and nurture awakening. Bodhi realized there would be two distinct types of music in the first phase of the project:

  • Songs of Awakening (acoustic/electric, pop/alternative)
  • Reggae versions of Sanskrit Mantras

Later that night, between midnight and dawn, Bodhi wrote "The Power of Now" — a song about  Eckhart Tolle's awakening and the essence of his teachings. A few weeks later he wrote, "There's Nothing Wrong With You" — a song embodying the heart of the compassionate teachings of Zen Buddhist teacher, Cheri Huber.

More than 30 songs have been written for the project and are in varying stages of recording. "The Power of Now" and "There's Nothing Wrong With You" are currently in the final stages of mixing and will be released in the very near future.

All songs when released will offer you the opportunity to buy the songs and pay what you like or to receive them freely as a gift of love. Each song will also have it's own dedicated page to stream the song and read the lyrics.

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