A Spontaneous Wedding in Spain

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The first night of my first trip across the pond, arriving in the Andalucίa region of Spain for a wedding, I met a beautiful young couple who spontaneously married in the eyes of God.

Rocίo and Michel at their wedding in Saltre, in the mountains of the South of Spain.
Rocίo and Michel

The first night at the very remote lodging of Hotel Salitre in the mountains near Ronda, I was chatting with a very sweet young couple, Rocίo and Michel, who worked at the hotel. It was quiet there and we used a translation app while relaxing in the lodge's main room (okay, the only room).

At one point Rocίo happily shared that she was 2 months pregnant. They had been together for 3 years and were obviously in love. I asked if they were planning to marry and a sad look came over them. Michel said that they wanted to but wouldn't be able to afford it for several years. 

There was a bit of silence, then prodded by Life, I offered to perform a spiritual wedding ceremony for them so they could marry in the eyes of god. They looked at each other and big smiles crossed over their faces, and nodded yes.

Rocίo was tearful and said that when I had walked into the hotel lobby for the first time she felt something. No idea what it was as the translation just didn't seem to capture the essence of it. That was a lot of fun though as one of the translations was something about my facing shining light like a dog's bottom. Hmmm, maybe that was an accurate translation? Anyway...

They accepted. We made rings for them, one from a hotel key ring and another from a hairband  and went outside, just the three of us, the moon, and that still silence of a remote mountainous area. Oh, and the translation app. 

Side note: did you know that in Spain the tradition is for wedding rings to go on the right hand?

Throughout the ceremony, Rocίo and Michel were ablaze, each sharing what they loved about each other and what they wanted for each other as their lives unfolded together. Such a precious life moment to share. Immense gratitude.

Once back in the States I plan to make a Wedding Certificate for them, a declaration in form, of their sacred union.

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