Marbella Beach Satsang

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It's been 9 years since I was on vacation and I'm wondering if this is this what vacations are really like. If so, I'm pretty sure I will not wait another 9 years to do it again.

Sitting together in Satsang at Marbella Beach, Spain

I wasn't sure I'd remember how to vacation but clearly, it's like riding a bike, and I'm fairly certain if I really apply myself that I could develop mastery in this area. In fact, it might be the one thing I'd be willing to practice!

So after two weddings, next up was this satsang at the beach in Marbella. Wait, working on my vacation??? Nah. One of the things I'm most grateful for is that I truly never perceive this as work. While I have no resistance to doing my taxes, it's definitely work. Dusting? Not that awake.

Do I digress? How 'bout we just call it "tangentially flowing." It's my way.

What a delightful group gathered together to be in inquiry — insightful questions, deep sharing, lovely experience, great energy.

Bodhi playing guitar at Satsang on a beach in Marbella, Spain

Earlier in the day I drove into Malaga's city centre and bought a guitar to complete some songs while here in Spain and brought it to the satsang. Was really nice to get to play and share an acoustic version of one of the first two songs that will be released in the Songs of Awakening project, "There's Nothing Wrong With You (no matter what you were taught to believe)". It's a song about the essence of the teachings in one of Zen teacher Cheri Huber's books by the same name.

We also sang and danced to my new version of the Gayatri Mantra which I'll be recording in the near future as well.

Time to go out and practice vacationing more. Will keep you posted on my progress...

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