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Locked in a hotel room for four days of songwriting with the waves of the Mediterranean beckoning, a new album of songs of love, joy, pain, loss and healing was born.

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Prior to the trip to Spain was the time of Simone's birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, and the first anniversary of Simone's passing. As each of these milestone dates arrived, very strong feelings and powerful musical creative forces were unleashed in me. I did my best to honor those creative impulses but was committed to getting the new website up (still committed) so I recorded the essence of those new songs arising and let them...haunt me.

In Spain, I knew once the wedding and the Beach Satsang passed that I had to return to the songs. Ignoring the sirens' call of the backlog of 31 songs for the "Songs of Awakening" project and 12 songs in the sanskrit mantra project all in various stages of recording — for 4 full days I did not leave my hotel room, working with the songs about Simone's passing and impact on me.

This was not always easy because the sound of the Mediterranean waves off my balcony kept calling to me to join them, but I knew that I had to let this move through me or I'd never truly have closure.

As the songs were being written, the degree of crying clearly conveyed when the lyrics were right. Having moved through so much of the pain over the year, I was surprised at the intensity. Well, I did kind of like her.

Once those songs were complete I felt a strong internal imbalance and realized that I could not put these songs out into the world without other songs of light and joy as well.

What resulted was an entire album dedicated to our lives together. Songs of love, joy, pain, loss, healing. Raw. Life. To me, it's real, and uplifting. My intention is to record the entire project (mostly an acoustic album) before I leave for Denmark, then continue with the Music of Awakening recordings upon my return. The tracks for the Shanti Simone album are:

  1. You Take Me To The Star (from a previous album)
  2. Kind Heart, Sweet Soul
  3. I Wanna' Marry You
  4. Magic Kiss – Come Back To Life
  5. Prelude: If I Was Wiser
  6. Still In Shock
  7. Alive In Me Now
  8. Reprise: Grateful
  9. I Won The Lottery

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