How Do We Face What's Going On In The World???

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It's 2017. With great fear within the collective about the direction of governing forces in the world, will we emotionally react or consciously respond?

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Most evolution takes place during crises as opposed to when things are flowing with ease. Crises can drive an expansion of our capacities to not only cope and adapt, but more deeply and profoundly to further awaken. And it is when we are most pressed that we are presented with the greatest opportunity for growth and evolution.

The path of evolution and awakening is inherently messy and it's important to allow for our imperfections along the way. Carrying an expectation that we will respond perfectly at all times is both unreal and compassionless. But it IS essential that we approach crises as intentionally and consciously as possible.

Enter 2017. So much political upheaval. So many regressive policies already being enacted. Human rights, women's rights, civil rights, gender rights, climate change risks, education policies and many more core aspects of our lives. And yes, I hope that there will be certain policy changes that will actually be empowering, positive and beneficial to the populace. Be open to that too.

Steps already taken in the U.S. are leading us further toward crisis. I see and hear calm, intelligent voices responding. And, a lot more people thrust into fear-based reactivity. 

This is the question of our time: Will we respond consciously or get emotionally hooked into out-of-balance and often irrational reactivity?

It's time for all of us to breathe slowly and deeply, and consciously turn toward what's going on in our countries and the world around us. The time for people leaving it to "the other guy" is long past. The most effective path toward positive change will come from reasonably conscious people with open hearts, seeing clearly and responding collectively to What Is.

Coming together, as One, not against an enemy, but for the greater good, working to create a better world for ALL forms of life.

We are one world, one citizenry, and we can effect great and positive change, but only together, as one.

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