Conscious Activism Dialogue with Gangaji Now Up

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A revealing and illuminating dialogue between Gangaji and Simone Marie Lorenz on the challenges of consciously engaging in activism in today's world.

A quote by Simone Marie Lorenz: People often unify against a common enemy or a cause or a situation. But it’s not actually unity. It’s an illusion, a forgery of unity.

This dialogue between Gangaji and Simone Marie Lorenz covers so much ground, including their lives as activists, Gangaji being arrested and spending time in jail, mistakes made and lessons learned. The exchange is rich, illuminating, and empowering, and together, Gangaji and Simone provide insight into ways in which we can respond to what is going on in the world today.

Background: In 2001, Simone Marie Lorenz was inspired to create the "Conscious Activism" project. The first stage of the project was to dialogue about how to more consciously engage in activism with some of our time's great consciousness teachers and agents of transformation: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Andrew Harvey, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Shariff Abdullah, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marshall Rosenberg, Mary O'Malley, Cheri Huber, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Don Beck, Catherine Ingram, and Gary Altrichter.

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