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Moved by her love for children, animals and the environment, Simone Marie Lorenz engaged in many activist initiatives over the years. She was driven to do what she could to bring about positive change in the world, joining with others to creatively generate solutions to serious issues.

But she found every one of those experiences discordant for two primary reasons: 1) the groups  always needed to identify an "enemy" to fight against; and 2) the participants inevitably began fighting amongst themselves.

Simone felt that spreading more violence in the world could not be the way to bring about positive change. She wasn't against powerful action being taken but felt that it had to come from love, not hate. Simone was no flower child, rather a force of nature that could stop you in your tracks with a word or a look. But she saw clearly that acts of domination were not the way to change the world.

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In 2001, she was inspired to create the "Conscious Activism" project. The first stage of the project was to dialogue about how to more consciously engage in activism with some of our time's great consciousness teachers and agents of transformation: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Andrew Harvey, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Shariff Abdullah, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marshall Rosenberg, Mary O'Malley, Cheri Huber, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Don Beck, Catherine Ingram, and Gary Altrichter.

The dialogues that arose out of their meetings together are rich, illuminating, and empowering — providing guidance toward new ways of taking action in the world to end unnecessary suffering.

Simone could not complete the project before her passing, and the dialogues will be released one by one over time here on this website — her lasting gift to the world, her hope we could come together as one.

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