Presence and Deep Listening

Deep listening, in presence, brings warmth to those around us. It's intimate, connecting, unifying. The healing effect of being in Oneness and feeling so heard, seen, known is a most precious gift.


Awake, there is a felt sense of being one with all that is, and simultaneously an awareness of being a unique individuated expression of the One Consciousness.

A Uniquely Derivative Paradox

How original are we really? From prior to birth we are like sponges absorbing the energy and content all around us, all of which influences us and becomes a part of us.

What IS The Now???

The Now is the "field" in which reality is happening — the space in which everything is taking place. It’s always the Now. Not time-based, it's presence-based.

What is "What Is"?

Believing in mind-made stories is like living in an alternate reality and not realizing it. Undistorted awareness of "What Is" brings the end of suffering.

Love Is Easy

Love is easy when the old pretense of promising conditional love is no more. Love is easy when realizing love is what you are, ever have been, ever will be.

Responding or Reacting

Ego is confused about what is real — viewing everything in life as an opportunity or a threat. Handle with care. Awake, we can respond consciously to life.

Our True Nature is Contagious

Awake, your high frequency vibration radiates outwardly and stimulates the dormant awakening vibration in others. Fortunately, our true nature is contagious.

Coming Back to Wholeness

As we evolve we become more and more free of egoic identification and conditioning, karmic patterns, mind-based emotional reactivity and other symptoms of living in separation. We return to the wisdom of heart-based living.

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