Our True Nature is Contagious

Awake, your high frequency vibration radiates outwardly and stimulates the dormant awakening vibration in others. ~ Bodhi Jeffreys

People often share how being out in nature — a natural setting like a forest or the ocean — can help bring them into stillness.

What gets broadly overlooked is that we are nature as well — nature confused perhaps, but nature nonetheless. And once we allow the morass of the mind's complexity and its compulsive thinking to drop away, our true nature of oneness and presence can be felt and known.

And as we realize this deeper truth and live as the radiant, still beings that we are, then those who may not yet have awoken to this essential truth within themselves will seek you out, recognizing you as a great wonder of the natural world — so that they, too, can remember who and what they truly are.

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