About Bodhi

Bodhi Jeffreys is a consciousness teacher who provides awakening coaching, conscious business mentoring, sacred living events, and writes & records songs for the Music of Awakening Project.

Bodhi's Awakening

Photo of a younger Bodhi Jeffreys

In May of 2000, Bodhi was on the phone doing a session with his long-time consciousness teacher Gary Altrichter. During their conversation Gary suggested tuning into a particular aspect of consciousness.

As he moved into a deeper state, Bodhi experienced a dramatic and total dissolving away of the veil of illusion under which he had lived. He was stunned and amazed to so viscerally realize that he had lived his entire life perceiving himself, the world, and everyone in it through a distorted fictitious lens.

He watched his entire life unfold, seeing a multitude of unwise pain-generating choices and actions based on the thoughts of a confused, conditioned mind. In response, Bodhi's heart began to expand, and he was flooded with an overwhelming sense of compassion for himself and the world.

His body started vibrating intensely, and then he burst into uncontrollable laughter that lasted for 45 minutes. When the waves of joy and laughter finally calmed down and he was able to speak. He asked Gary, "What the hell was that?" Gary's reply was, "Just be with it. I'll talk with you next week." Click.

In an instant, everything had changed. Colors appeared more vibrant. Sensations of sound and touch were intensified. The mental noise of compulsive thinking stopped. In its place was stillness, a buoyant sense of aliveness, peace, joy — an experience of being one with all life.

Bodhi spent the next two days with Eckhart Tolle and the awakening deepened further. Integral to his own awakening, Bodhi was also blessed with a wife and partner, Simone, who just two months prior had experienced her own life-changing awakening. Together, they broadened and deepened in their mutually evolving awakening. While Simone is no longer with us in form, she lives on in Bodhi. Through him, her deep caring for all life continues to make a difference in the world.

Bodhi's Path

What He Did

  • Managed an adolescent acute-care, locked psychiatric unit
  • Worked for 20 years as a CEO of nonprofit business organizations and foundations
  • Mentored other CEOs and entrepreneurs in best practices; facilitated strategic planning retreats
  • Earned a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology

What He Was Really Drawn To

Photo of Greer Glass, Gary Altrichter, Bodhi and Simone

Bodhi has always been passionate about music. He learned multiple instruments as a child and formed his first band in high school, Bacchus, in which he was a guitarist and a lead singer. He played gigs in clubs throughout his college years and he became a prolific songwriter. He later found his way to Los Angeles where his pop-reggae bands performed and recorded his music.

His fascination with mysticism was there from the start, and at the age of 16 his sister, Lori, introduced him to meditation.

Bodhi met his first consciousness teacher, Greer Greyoak Glass, at age 23. She guided him weekly in the mystic arts and deepening his awareness. Six years later, she realized that it was time to introduce him to her teacher (and future husband), Gary Altrichter, with whom Bodhi did weekly sessions for another 15 years.

Working with Bodhi

Private sessions are available to individuals, parents and couples, creatives, entrepreneurs and executives. Sessions can be held in person or via phone/Skype. He also facilitates events, ongoing series, workshops and retreats internationally.

To explore or initiate sessions with Bodhi, please contact him at bodhi@bodhijeffreys.com or call +1 760 599 9488, Monday – Friday, between the hours of 9:00am – 6:00pm Pacific Time.

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