Awakening Songs Project

Bodhi Jeffreys' Awakening Songs are written and recorded to nurture the unfolding awakening across the planet, offering high frequency songs to stimulate the innate awakening vibration dormant or alive within each being.

More than 30 songs have been written for the project and are in varying stages of recording. "The Power of Now" and "There's Nothing Wrong With You" are mixed and mastered and being prepared for release. Above are sample previews of the two songs, and check out the dedicated page for each song to see the lyrics.

In the first phase of the project there are two distinct types of music being written and recorded:

  • Songs of Awakening (acoustic/electric, pop/alternative)
  • Reggae versions of Sanskrit Mantras

You can read about the mystical inspiration that moved Bodhi to create these Songs of Awakening Project and its scope at About the Awakening Songs Project.

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