Truly Living From The Heart

You have been beautifully dropping into mindfulness, more and more, day by day. Experiencing deeper states of being on some days, lighter states on others, and some days the mental noise is just too loud. So it has been for thousands of years. What does it mean to truly live from the heart? Is it even possible to really do that consistently? Join Bodhi for an experiential afternoon of diving more deeply into the heart and sensing how you can more fully live from that state of being.

May 28, 2017
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Mindfulness Center Næstved, Omøvej 6A, Næstved, 4700, Denmark

Shine Brightly, Live Fully: Releasing the Shadow of Janteloven

Janteloven has long cast its shadow on Scandinavian culture causing people to dim their beautiful inner light to  ensure they don't stand out as thinking they are "special". While this has been slowly changing in the larger cities, Janteloven still holds an iron grip on the general population. In this event, Bodhi will work with you to set yourself free of the shadow of Janteloven and the culture's negative judgment around "standing out", so that you can fully allow your radiant bright light to shine forth in all aspects of your life.

Bodhi Jeffreys: A Night of Music & Awakening

This very special evening at Sofias Hus marks the first time in decades Bodhi has performed an evening of music. This intimate and mostly acoustic performance will feature songs from his upcoming albums, "The Power of Now" (songs of awakening) and "Shanti Simone" (songs of love, joy, pain, loss and recovery). The show is free to all. Free tickets can be reserved by clicking on the Register link. A donation basket will be at the door for those inspired to contribute.

The Turning Point: Moving Beyond Self-Betrayal and Suffering into Freedom

For the most part, we know how to act and how NOT to act, what to say and what not to say, what to eat and what not to eat, etc. Then how is it that our words and actions are so often out of alignment with what we know to be in integrity, wise, loving and just plain ol’ common sense?

**The Turning Point** is a highly effective, time-tested and proven process for creating profound beneficial change in your life. All it requires is a willingness to turn toward and face the ways you have been limiting or betraying yourself, and an openness to exploring some really cool and unusual ways of bringing about the dramatic and lasting changes that are available to you right now.

In-Person Awakening Coaching Sessions — Budapest

Bodhi will be available for a limited number of rare one or two hour private in-person sessions in Aarhus (15 -21 May); Copenhagen (22 May - 9 June); and Budapest (13- 19 June). Click the Find Out More button for information on what sessions with Bodhi are like and how to set up your private meeting with him.

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