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At the heart of my work with individuals and those in business is guiding people in awakening and sacred living. This holds true whether you are manifesting projects to change the world for the better, being more creative and authentic, raising children in a sacred way, or running a corporation more consciously.

Awakening brings peace, joy, clarity, resilience and freedom, and amplifies your positive impact in the world. This is what I am designed to assist with and the work that I'm passionate about offering.

For Individuals, Couples, Parents and Creatives

I can support your shift to a more aware, fulfilling, radiant life, where your unique gifts blossom into full expression. And if you experience emotional suffering, I can assist you in finding your way back to peace, joy, deep connection and freedom.

I see each person as a creative force of life worthy of honor, love and compassion. Engaging with me on a weekly basis will support you to:

  • Become more present with yourself and others
  • Release fears, beliefs and patterns that get in your way
  • Respond consciously rather than getting triggered and reactive
  • Connect more intimately and authentically in relationships
  • Free yourself of the suffering caused by compulsive thinking
  • Choose more wisely
  • Find your core life's purpose and be a positive force in the world
  • Find inner peace and freedom, even amidst the life's challenges
  • Be more compassionate with yourself and others
  • Feel truly empowered and live in integrity
  • Fully integrate this grounded awakening in the body

To get a sense of how people have benefited from working with me, see these testimonials.

For CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Everything above applies equally to those of us in business and has practical application in business settings. From his 20 years as a CEO, I understand what is required to integrate awakening into business environments. This is why progressive and illumined entrepreneurs and CEOs draw upon me for support.

Awakening will enhance your capacity to manifest your vision, while experiencing greater balance, peace and joy at work and in life. The more conscious your leadership, the greater your capacity to innovate, inspire and free the organization of the dysfunctional behaviors that impair communication, cause divisiveness and reduce productivity.

And as your business "awakens", the more collaborative, creative, productive and committed your team becomes.

Private sessions are available for individuals, parents and couples, creatives, entrepreneurs and executives. Sessions can be held in person or via phone/Skype. Bodhi also facilitates events, ongoing series, workshops and retreats internationally.

To explore or initiate sessions, please contact Bodhi at or call +1 760 599 9488, Monday – Friday, between the hours of 9:00am – 6:00pm Pacific Time.

Recent testimonials

  • Bodhi's insight into guiding me to truth is rare and unique.

    Sofia Manning Best-Selling Author, Founder of Manning Inspire Copenhagen, Denmark

    I have met a lot of coaches and being a coach myself I have very high standards for what I think a great coach is. Bodhi is more than a great coach, he is a healer and teacher as well as a brilliant coach. Bodhi's insight into guiding me to truth is rare and unique. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and highly recommend his coaching to anyone who is committed to truth and living a life from freedom.

  • I have become a better leader, a better boss, a better husband and a better father.

    Christopher McAuliffe, Master Certified Coach President & CEO, Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Company San Diego, California

    Bodhi’s support goes beyond my stated projects and goals. Since working with him I have become a better leader, a better boss, a better husband and a better father. Bodhi is what coaching is all about. It seems like magic sometimes how he is able to hone in and focus on the exact thing that brings me more power, or more clarity, or returns my calm and centered focus. If you want to become a better version of yourself or to fulfill on what you think you can create – I recommend working with Bodhi.

  • I am learning to live with an open, positive heart thanks to Bodhi's wisdom and guidance.

    Julie Sidur Insurance Professional Oceanside, California

    Working with Bodhi on an individual basis is teaching me how to see the truth about my self-defeating ways and empowering me to deal with the toxic energy in me from as far back as my childhood. He is helping me break free from my negative, conditioned responses that I have had most my life. I am learning to be able to express myself more clearly from my authentic higher self. All I have ever wanted to do is to be able to connect with people.

    Bodhi shows me how to do this through helping me to process what is really going on inside, seeing what is truly needed and proceeding from a grounded, secure place in my communication with people in my life. I am learning to live with an open, positive heart thanks to Bodhi's wisdom and guidance. For this I will be forever grateful to Bodhi.

  • What Bodhi does almost makes traditional coaching obsolete.

    Calvin Correli President & CEO, Creator of Simplero New York, New York

    I have used many coaches over the years, but Bodhi is one that I return to because he is simply in a class of his own. My experience has been that a lot of coaches can help you get to your goals faster, only to have you realize that those goals didn't actually fulfill you or give you what you thought they would. What Bodhi does, is help me heal and clear out those things that prevent me from going where I truly need and want to go, in the simplest possible way. What Bodhi does almost makes traditional coaching obsolete.

  • Bodhi also has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh a lot during sessions!

    Dorthe Schorn Staff & Training Manager Hamburg, Germany

    Bodhi is an endless energy field of inspiration, purpose, clarity, truth, authenticity, compassion, joy, love and inner peace. The way he embodies and shares his profound wisdom of awakening is powerful and grounded, while gentle, light and constantly evolving. Bodhi is not only a teacher in the best possible sense of the word but a healer and “wise man” who can support you in tackling any personal or professional challenges.

    One of his greatest talents is meeting you exactly where you’re at, and then gently guiding you from there. Bodhi also has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh a lot during sessions! Working with him is a precious adventure and it has a tremendous impact on the way I show up and experience my working and private life.

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