Exchanging your Story for Peace

We are radiantly alive, living in presence, directly experiencing the unfolding present moment. Our life stories are interpretations of that. Believe them and suffering is just around the corner.

Bridging Science and Awakening

Bodhi and Marshall Lefferts discuss the Resonance Project; bridging science and awakening; the holographic nature of the universe and a model of unified physics—one of wholeness and interconnectivity.

Inner Energy Field Meditation

This meditation evolved from a meditation Eckhart Tolle once did with Simone and I. It carries all 3 of our transmissions and calms the most active minds. It complements and deepens any meditation.

Choosing, Shifting, and Blossoming

Bodhi and Marshall Lefferts (Resonance Project, Thrive, Cosmometry) talk about key aspects of choosing, and how awakening today is different than it was in the 1970's.

Parenting with Compassion, Respect

In conscious parenting, children are treated with love, compassion and respect. But there will be moments where we don't rise to the occasion.

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