Moonlight Beach Satsang

August 23, 2016
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

Tickets are no longer available for this event

A photo of Moonlight Beach, with its white sand and pure blue ocean in Encinitas, California.

Satsang is an opportunity to come together to be in truth, stillness, peace. Satsang at the ocean is just pure heaven. Mix in melodic Sanskrit mantras and awakening music, and you have Moonlight Beach Satsang.

This event is an optional donation event. All are welcome. For the specific beach event location, please register.

What to bring: If needed or desired, a blanket or beach chair to sit on, non-alcohol beverages and snacks, something to wear in case the evening gets cool. Candles or flashlights may come in handy as well for when it gets dark.

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