In Love and Fearless in Relationships

May 5, 2017
6:00pm - 9:30pm
The Golden Earth Center Egitlweg 6, A-5322 Hof bei, Salzburg, Austria

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A photo of the main room at The Golden Earth Center

We’ve all experienced great pain in relationships, but what do we do with that pain? How do we react or respond to fear when it arises?

With a focus on being practical and down to earth, Bodhi will share ways in which we can better respond to everything from the smallest of disagreements to the heaviest of painful and fearful experiences. We will look at how we get hooked and reactive, and how we can set ourselves free to fully allow and embrace the whole of our lives — the shadow, the light, the pain and the joy.

(Deutsche Übersetzung wird verfügbar sein.)

Highlights of the event will include:

— Shifting from fear and self-protection to feeling warm, deep connection

— Learning new ways to authentically communicate heart to heart

— Exercises to assist in experiencing more love, peace and harmony in your life

The Golden Earth Center is a beautiful residential retreat center in Salzburg, Austria. Events across many paths are held there with the common thread of people becoming more conscious in their lives and in the world.

Photo 2 of Salzburg, Austria

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