Responding From Love in a World of Change and Unrest

May 12, 2017
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Tagtigall – Zentrum für Musik und Körper, Herrfurthstraße 6A, 12049, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

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A photo of Berlin, Germany

Our precious world is facing so many great challenges across all aspects of life on this planet. How will we respond? How would we like to respond? 

Bodhi will be doing a number of events throughout Germany to assist people in freeing themselves from getting caught up in fear, reacting to each and every crisis and the ever worsening antagonizing news.

He will guide us in ways we can very effectively approach life from a peaceful state of love and compassion, from the deep wellspring of awareness always present within us. 

Bodhi will also share how each of us can consciously respond to the current world situation from a wise, empowered and open-hearted state.

Photo of Tagtigall Music Center

Highlights of the event will include:

—  Why operating from fear and attempting to dominate will never bring about positive change

—  How we can compassionately take responsibility for our own unconsciousness and contribution to "the mess"

—  Why awakening into reality — free of our conditioned interpretations of the world situation is so essential

—  Finding ways we can deeply reconnect with our hearts and allow ourselves to be moved by love

—  Discovering ways in which we can respond in a calm, wise, and powerful manner

 Exercises to assist in experiencing more love, peace and harmony in your life

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