Why Being More Conscious Matters

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Learn about the great potential for transformative change that becoming more conscious brings to people’s lives — powered by deep awareness and authentic, value-aligned actions.

Awakening to Living More Consciously

To people unfamiliar with it, the phrase being conscious immediately evokes questions.

For starters, how can anyone be anything other than “conscious”? What’s the alternative – sleepwalking through life? Fair point, if by “conscious” we mean physiologically awake. But being conscious is about much more than mere cognizance of one’s surroundings and the ability to respond to stimuli.

What Makes Our Lives More… Conscious?

Quoto: Expanded awareness opens doors to fresh insights, greater clarity, and wisdom, all while dramatically reducing our stress levels.

I’m talking here about “consciousness” in a much deeper, more profound sense – one that makes a qualitative (and, ultimately, quantitative) difference in how we live our lives.

The pivot from the way most people live to living consciously is effectively a paradigm shift having to do with expanding and deepening our awareness and moving through life with all of the advantages that awareness offers.

Awareness: The Heart of Living Consciously

Awareness is the foundation of conscious living. Being aware of what’s going on within and around us provides rich information that up-levels our perception, our communication, our decision-making — essentially, everything.

And awareness opens doors to fresh insights, greater clarity, and wisdom, all while dramatically reducing our stress levels.

With greater awareness, we’re able to see a much clearer, less distorted, and more holistic view of what’s going on. Awareness heightens our intuition. We’re able to be more present and empathic, which means that people feel we’re truly there with them, hearing their concerns, addressing what’s actually going on. (Links to Blog 9)

When we lack awareness, we can miss noticing negative feelings we’re having like being agitated in a conversation, or tension our partner is feeling. The failure to sense such things can easily lead to angry outbursts, added pain, or even damage to or loss of a relationship.

From Reactivity to Proactivity: The Power of Conscious Living

As conscious beings, here’s how we might approach the above situation differently.

If we are more conscious, we are less likely to unknowingly let pressure build in us until we have no choice but to launch a damaging outburst of anger.

Quoto: Being authentically present and empathic, people will feel we're truly there with them, hearing their concerns and ideas, and earnestly addressing what's going on.

If we are aware of the agitation we’re feeling, we give ourselves an opportunity to see what’s irritating us and to deal with the source of it directly.

And if we are aware of a partner’s or friend’s or child’s overwhelming tension, we can, with skill and care, surface it in conversation with them to see what supportive steps we can all take to resolve the issue that’s driving the problematic tension.

We’ll dive deeper into the tenets of living consciously in future blogs, but let’s touch on a few to help you get a sense of what this is all about.

The Approach of Conscious Living

Living consciously, we approach our families, friends, those we work with, our decisions, etc. from an empowered, grounded, calm and compassionate way of being. We’re deliberate in our assessments, and incorporate more than just our minds and intelligence.

Thanks to being more present, we’re more in touch with our feelings, our values, what’s transpiring all around us, our genius, which gives us access to different types of invaluable information.

Greater insight becomes available as the wide range of subtle and nuanced information provided by our enhanced awareness enriches our objective view.

When merged with our intelligence and life experience, the result is a far greater capacity for wise decision-making. Wiser living.

The Pillars of Conscious Living: Transparency, Authenticity, and Core Values Alignment

Quoto: While living with authenticity and transparency is important, what’s essential is self-awareness. Without that, we won’t know whether or not we're actually being authentic and transparent.

We’re also committed to operating with more transparency and authenticity.

Here again, mastering awareness is crucial, because we need to have sufficient self-awareness to know what there is to be transparent and authentic about, and to know whether or not we’re actually being transparent and authentic.

To live more consciously, we must also be dedicated to ensuring that our decisions, actions, and communication are in alignment with our core values.

We carry an intent for that everything we do is positively transformative for ourselves, our families and friends, our businesses and the world around us. This guides us as to how to best invest our inner and material resources.

The Transformational Power of Living Consciously

As part of our personal growth, we recognize that issues that come up must be addressed head-on rather than swept under the proverbial rug and ignored.

We’ll face our challenges and work with others to find viable solutions that best take care of all of us, to the degree we’re able. We really do perceive “failure” as education and growth opportunity, an invitation into something better.

Finally, as we live more consciously, the depth and breadth of our awareness evolves. We realize more of what makes us who we are, what motivates us, and what drives us to behave as we do. We tend to anything off course. We are becoming more and more comfortable in our skin, more present and grounded, learning how to best contribute to and enjoy all that life has to offer.

That’s all for now. I invite you to take the journey with me as we explore how being more intentionally conscious can bring greater satisfaction, abundance, and joy to our lives.

Would you like to be more present, feel more alive and connected, with a greater sense of inner peace?

It's my mission to support people in living and leading with greater ease, wisdom, and inner peace. To feel more deeply connected with those around them.

If you'd like to tap into your deeper insight and practical wisdom to live and lead more consciously, feel free to reach out at bodhi@bodhijeffreys.com to set up a time to connect.

To see what others have to say about the work we do together, please check out the testimonials here. I look forward to connecting.

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    Helle Laursen Leading Mentor Coach and CEO, Nordic Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Silkeborg, Denmark

    Working with Bodhi repeatedly over several years, I am constantly filled with deep gratitude after each session. Bodhi always leaves me feeling more empowered, more joyful, more truly accepting all parts of what I am, and with more energy to face life. Being a mentor coach myself, I have learned from Bodhi's amazing ability to give further depth to any issue within coaching. He is more than just a great coach, he is embodied wisdom, ready to share and give more meaning and depth to all matters I bring up. Bodhi takes coaching to a new level: it is healing, very practical, and supports my commitment to live my life from compassion and awareness.

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    I have used many coaches over the years, but Bodhi is one that I return to because he is simply in a class of his own. My experience has been that a lot of coaches can help you get to your goals faster, only to have you realize that those goals didn't actually fulfill you or give you what you thought they would. What Bodhi does, is help me heal and clear out those things that prevent me from going where I truly need and want to go, in the simplest possible way. What Bodhi does almost makes traditional coaching obsolete.

  • Bodhi has exceptional wisdom and practical knowledge, always applied with a gentle heart.

    Monique Martineau Mindfulness Mentor & Wellness Coach Fenton, California

    Bodhi has exceptional wisdom and practical knowledge, always applied with a gentle heart. I learned ways of "being" that allow me to enjoy my life, heal my pain, and be peaceful during heated circumstances.I highly recommend Bodhi as a teacher of teachers.

  • I forget Bodhi is at the other side of the planet – he is truly with me when we work together.

    Lisbet Hjort Author, Awakening Mentor, Human Resources Manager Copenhagen, Denmark

    There is a before and an after regarding my work with Bodhi. Before working with Bodhi for many years I experienced a life with a lot of struggle, pain and resistance, both in my private and my business life. Today I experience a life with joy, love and peace – even amidst the challenges of life. I’ve never actually been with him in person – but I sense his energy, his warmth and love in our work. I forget Bodhi is at the other side of the planet – he is truly with me when we work together.

    Bodhi is a gift in the world – he can work on many levels which means that you can work and grow on many levels too. I will always be very grateful that we connected and I highly recommend Bodhi to everybody that really wants to live a life in freedom.

  • I have become a better leader, a better boss, a better husband and a better father.

    Christopher McAuliffe, Master Certified Coach President & CEO, Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Company San Diego, California

    Bodhi’s support goes beyond my stated projects and goals. Since working with him I have become a better leader, a better boss, a better husband and a better father. Bodhi is what coaching is all about. It seems like magic sometimes how he is able to hone in and focus on the exact thing that brings me more power, or more clarity, or returns my calm and centered focus. If you want to become a better version of yourself or to fulfill on what you think you can create – I recommend working with Bodhi.

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