Waking Up to a Balanced, Free and Joyful Relationship with Food - With Marie Steenberger

August 29, 2019
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Soul Fitness, Skindergade 26, 1. sal, Copenhagen 1159, Denmark

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An image with this Bodhi quote: We naturally feel deeply. We may attempt to shield ourselves from feeling, but feeling is still taking place at some level. Have courage. Allow the feelings. Your reward is freedom.

We Can All Have A Joyful & Healthy Relationship With Food

Do you ever get caught up in pain driven emotional eating? Or compulsive overeating? Or unwisely choosing what you eat even when you know better? It’s a rare person who answers no to all of these questions as struggling with food issues touches just about all of our lives.

Most people will overeat and regret it later. Some of us will do this often and be really hard on ourselves afterwards, beating ourselves up. But why do we do this even though we know better?

At times, our overeating is driven by an attempt to soothe or avoid pain or other feelings we don’t want to face; sometimes it serves to avoid situations we fear; and for a lot of people it’s a way to cope with overwhelm in our lives.

Whether we’re taken over by that strong pull toward eating for comfort, or betraying our promise to only eat “just one”, the result of these behaviors is most often feeling worse and worse about ourselves. And that usually drives us to eat even more — a very painful cycle.

Here's What The Evening Will Be Like

In this tender and transformational evening with nutritionist and mentor Marie Steenberger and Bodhi Jeffreys, we’ll explore how to come back into a healthy, natural balance with food. We’ll discover ways in which we can free ourselves of the cycle of:

~~~ Eating or overeating to avoid pain and fear, which leads to…
~~~ Harsh self-judgement, which leads to more pain, resulting in…
~~~ More eating or overeating, which leads to…
~~~ Beating ourselves up and having lower self-esteem, a sense of helplessness, which impacts every area of our lives

During the evening we will work with:

  • Coming back into right relationship with food and with eating
  • Reconnecting with our deep inner wisdom and empowerment
  • Healing that which keeps the cycle of pain and unwise eating going
  • Returning to a joyful sense of ease around eating

Photo of Marie Steenberger at her TEDx talk in Copenhagen.

Join Marie and Bodhi in the peaceful environment at Soul Fitness in Copenhagen to move toward a healthy, wise, and joyful relationship with food.

Tickets are available at: https://bodhi.simplero.com/pur...

There may be video recording, primarily of the front area where Marie and Bodhi will sit. If you would prefer to not be filmed, please let the event team know upon your arrival and we will happily honor your request.

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