Finding Harmony and Peace in Everyday Life

September 29, 2016
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Ringsted Bibliotek, Tværallé 1-3, 4100 Ringsted, Denmark

Tickets are no longer available for this event

A photo of the beautiful and serene grounds of Ringsted Library in Denmark.

Living in harmony enhances every aspect of your life. You become more functional, kind, wise and compassionate. Your relationships grow closer and you experience a greater sense of peace.

But how can you live more in harmony? Bodhi will share what living in harmony really is, what it can mean to your family, your work, and the entirety of your everyday life. 

During the evening you will have opportunities to ask questions on any aspect of living in harmony, and to dialogue directly with Bodhi. This is also a chance to get a taste of what the upcoming weekend retreat will be like.

Registration for this event will be through Ringsted Bibliotek beginning some time in late August. 

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