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Healing Into Wholeness – Living In Presence With An Open Heart

In this beautiful natural setting, we will explore ways in which we can be far more present and open-hearted with our friends, families, loved ones and colleagues — and ourselves! We will also look at what it means to be "whole", what it feels and looks like.

During the day we will play with freeing ourselves from getting triggered into behaving in ways that create pain and distance with those whom we care about. And part of that freedom will come from healing old wounds that resulted in us feeling not good enough, not lovable enough — all of that negative self-talk. And this healing is possible for us all.

Living with an open heart — becoming whole — requires healing. And, living with an open heart IS what heals. As we heal, we more fully recover a deep, undeniable connection with the loving awareness that we are. And integrating this new way of being is what we will joyfully be working with during our time together.

August 24, 2019
9:30am - 2:30pm
Schule für Neues BewusstSein, Lindenallee19, 23845 Grabau, Germany

Finding The Love You’ve Been Longing For – An Evening of Love & Music

We’ve all experienced a longing for love, a longing to be loved — even when we’re in a relationship. This can be painful, lonely. It would be too easy to write that all we need to do is open our hearts and find Love within ourselves and all will be well. While there is great truth in that, it can also be a disservice to ignore that we are social beings who by our very nature want connection. This evening will be an exploration of how we can heal our longing for love and live as Love in community — through sharing and song.

August 22, 2019
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Hjerterum, Hostrupsgade 49, 2. sal, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark

Individual, Couples, Entrepreneur & Executive Coaching Sessions — Denmark

One of the great joys in my life has been having the privilege to coach hundreds of individuals, couples, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives in Denmark. I don't offer typical coaching. As you can see in the testimonials throughout the site, people utilize me as their coach to support them in becoming wiser, more empowered and effective, more present, open-hearted and aware, experience less fear and reactivity — opening the door to a deep sense of peace, joy and freedom. This is what changes everything — how you become a better leader, parent, partner, friend, lover, artist.

If you would like to explore this together, please click the "Find Out More" button now.

August 22 - September 10, 2019
Jutland (22-24. August), Copenhagen (26. August - 9. September)

The Turning Point Northern Lights Retreat with Bodhi Jeffreys & Hanna Snorradóttir

Join us in the beautiful Northern Lights setting of Sólheimar Ecovillage in Iceland for 5 days of joyful, restorative, inspiring tranquility.

The Turning Point is designed to help generate true, lasting, beneficial change in at least one major area of our lives — allowing us to live up to our potential and be free to experience more joy, lightness of being and groundedness, deeper connection and greater fulfillment.

In this 5-day retreat we will learn to better connect with the wisdom that is always present within us, visit amazing sites of natural beauty, and have opportunities to sing and dance. 

September 30 - October 4, 2018
Sólheimar Ecovillage, 801 selfoss, Iceland

The Turning Point — A Weekend for Lasting Change - Aarhus

The Turning Point is designed to help you transform a key area of your life where you've been stuck or blocked — perhaps by fear or pain — setting you free to live a more deeply fulfilling life. Join Bodhi for this powerful, transformative weekend during which you can finally make that dramatic change you have wanted for so long.

April 21 - 22, 2018
Business United House of Soul & Innovation, Mosevej 20B. 8240 Risskov, Denmark

Satsang: Awake In Everyday Life – An Evening of Awakening & Music

During this satsang, we will be guided through very grounded ways of living more consciously from the wisdom of our open hearts, exploring authenticity in relationships, energy flow, and being in alignment with The Divine. There will also be music during the evening, including songs from the Bodhi's two upcoming albums and the mantra chanting album that will follow.

April 16, 2018
7:00pm - 8:45pm
Byens Villa Retreat, Bogholder Allé 11, Vanløse, København 2720, Denmark

Recent testimonials

  • What Bodhi does almost makes traditional coaching obsolete.

    Calvin Correli President & CEO, Creator of Simplero New York, New York

    I have used many coaches over the years, but Bodhi is one that I return to because he is simply in a class of his own. My experience has been that a lot of coaches can help you get to your goals faster, only to have you realize that those goals didn't actually fulfill you or give you what you thought they would. What Bodhi does, is help me heal and clear out those things that prevent me from going where I truly need and want to go, in the simplest possible way. What Bodhi does almost makes traditional coaching obsolete.

  • Bodhi always leaves me feeling more empowered, more joyful, more truly accepting...

    Helle Laursen Leading Mentor Coach and CEO, Nordic Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Silkeborg, Denmark

    Working with Bodhi repeatedly over several years, I am constantly filled with deep gratitude after each session. Bodhi always leaves me feeling more empowered, more joyful, more truly accepting all parts of what I am, and with more energy to face life. Being a mentor coach myself, I have learned from Bodhi's amazing ability to give further depth to any issue within coaching. He is more than just a great coach, he is embodied wisdom, ready to share and give more meaning and depth to all matters I bring up. Bodhi takes coaching to a new level: it is healing, very practical, and supports my commitment to live my life from compassion and awareness.

  • The synergy of his organizational expertise with his insight, clarity and awareness has brought the university to a new level.

    Irv Katz, Ph.D., Chancellor International University of Professional Studies Maui, Hawaii

    Bodhi's extraordinary talent of bringing clarity to our vision, goals, and processes has been of great benefit to the university. We’re more focused, more productive, and are in a much better position to serve our student population. The synergy of his organizational expertise with his insight, clarity and awareness has brought the university to a new level.

  • Bodhi has been a guiding light for me, opening doors to my own hidden resources.

    Paul Williams Author of "Das Energi", Founder of Crawdaddy Magazine Encinitas, California

    Bodhi has been a guiding light for me, opening doors to my own hidden resources. I have found working with him to be a tremendously healing and awakening experience. I would unhesitatingly recommend Bodhi and his work to any friend in need. The truth is within us, but it is a joy and a great relief for me to have found a teacher who has been able to so quickly put me in touch with that inner truth and its liberating powers.

  • It feels safe to let go of the identification with mind in his presence.

    Silja Bjorklund Quantum Energetics Practitioner, QE With Silja Encinitas, California

    Working with Bodhi has brought me into a profoundly deep awareness of my true nature. It feels safe to let go of the identification with mind in his presence. His coaching to live this in my daily life is gentle, clear, and very effective.

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