Awakening Out of the Stress Cycle: Detaching Self-Worth from Performance

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Unlock stress from your life by disentangling self-worth from performance. Learn how to break this cycle, and experience a newfound sense of freedom to fully accept and appreciate who you are in any given moment.

The False Equation: Self-Worth Equals Performance

Quoto: We can celebrate our success, our performance, even our capabilities — free of any story that it makes us a better person who is more worthy than others.

Lessons learned early in life lead most of us to equate our talents and accomplishments with how “good” we are — a measure of our personal value. This gets reinforced over time with every compliment and critique.

It also leads to wanting, even needing the approval of others, and for them to see us in a positive light.

We try to make sure we don’t fail because we don’t want to lose respect. And this places an out of proportion pressure on our need to succeed.

All of this generates stress which impacts not only us, but those around us.

If we pay attention to this, we can free ourselves from this cycle by disconnecting our personal value from our performance. And doing so allows us to be far more relaxed and at ease with ourselves, dramatically reducing our stress levels.

The Impact of Self-Induced Pressure on Our Lives

When we are identified with our performance or achievements, we wrongly believe that the quality of our work carries more meaning than simply being about the quality of the work itself.

The additional meaning —the belief that our success determines how worthy we are — is what generates all that unnecessary pressure we experience. That self-induced pressure can cause us to behave in ways that stress our friends, family members, and co-workers, causing them to destabilize and show up at less than their best.

The irony here is that we think we need to succeed and not fail because we believe that it will mean something about us; but making those around us stressed-out and miserable will certainly give us what we don’t want — to be judged and viewed negatively. That’s a lose-lose proposition.

Judging Ourselves vs. Self-Reflection

Quoto: We need to raise  our self-awareness enough to stop assigning meaningto situations whereno meaning existsor belongs.

Worse, so many people beat themselves up for not being perfect or not good enough at something. Creatives do this a lot. Parents often engage in this, thinking that every screw-up by their children is a reflection on themselves.

That’s not to say it’s not wise to do some self-reflection, but beating ourselves up isn’t helpful. We don’t actually learn well from beatings. A more open, caring and compassionate approach facilitates learning. But just for all of us.

Raising Self-Awareness: Removing Meaning from Success and Failure

We need to raise our self-awareness enough to stop applying meaning to situations where no meaning exists or belongs.

When we let go of defining ourselves by our successes and failures, we free ourselves to allow any success or failure to be an outcome of whatever work and circumstances were involved.

We can celebrate our successes, our performance, even our capabilities without any story that it makes us better people who are more worthy.

We can make wiser decisions and learn from the experiences where we succeed and don’t succeed without making it about our worth.

Taking Inspiration from Consciousness Teachers

A person once went up to renowned consciousness teacher, Eckhart Tolle, after one of his events and said, “Wow, that talk was incredible!”

Eckhart smiled and nodded his head, saying, “Yes, I thought so too!”.

I so loved this. Eckhart didn’t make the compliment about himself in any way. He simply shared in the delight that he, too, felt the work was exceptional.

Heading: Celebrate Your Success

You’ve demonstrated excellence and success in at least some area of your life. Enjoy that. Appreciate it. Celebrate your good works. And in a relaxed way, strive to improve in whatever areas you feel inclined to do so.

And know this: from the day you were born, you were inherently worthy, and that has never changed.

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    Bodhi has exceptional wisdom and practical knowledge, always applied with a gentle heart. I learned ways of "being" that allow me to enjoy my life, heal my pain, and be peaceful during heated circumstances.I highly recommend Bodhi as a teacher of teachers.

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    Bodhi shows me how to do this through helping me to process what is really going on inside, seeing what is truly needed and proceeding from a grounded, secure place in my communication with people in my life. I am learning to live with an open, positive heart thanks to Bodhi's wisdom and guidance. For this I will be forever grateful to Bodhi.

  • I forget Bodhi is at the other side of the planet – he is truly with me when we work together.

    Lisbet Hjort Author, Awakening Mentor, Human Resources Manager Copenhagen, Denmark

    There is a before and an after regarding my work with Bodhi. Before working with Bodhi for many years I experienced a life with a lot of struggle, pain and resistance, both in my private and my business life. Today I experience a life with joy, love and peace – even amidst the challenges of life. I’ve never actually been with him in person – but I sense his energy, his warmth and love in our work. I forget Bodhi is at the other side of the planet – he is truly with me when we work together.

    Bodhi is a gift in the world – he can work on many levels which means that you can work and grow on many levels too. I will always be very grateful that we connected and I highly recommend Bodhi to everybody that really wants to live a life in freedom.

  • Bodhi also has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh a lot during sessions!

    Dorthe Schorn Staff & Training Manager Hamburg, Germany

    Bodhi is an endless energy field of inspiration, purpose, clarity, truth, authenticity, compassion, joy, love and inner peace. The way he embodies and shares his profound wisdom of awakening is powerful and grounded, while gentle, light and constantly evolving. Bodhi is not only a teacher in the best possible sense of the word but a healer and “wise man” who can support you in tackling any personal or professional challenges.

    One of his greatest talents is meeting you exactly where you’re at, and then gently guiding you from there. Bodhi also has the greatest sense of humor and we laugh a lot during sessions! Working with him is a precious adventure and it has a tremendous impact on the way I show up and experience my working and private life.

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