Shifting From Me to a Unified Field

Bodhi & Marshall Lefferts (Resonance Project, Thrive, Cosmometry) discuss the shift to a higher level of conscious awareness, absolute abundance, and how unified physics unlocks a whole new paradigm.

The Magic of Yes!

You already know that resistance to What Is causes suffering. Resistance is an expression of saying "No!" to What Is—arguing with reality—an act of insanity. How about exploring the magic of "Yes!"

A World of Conscious Children

Being gentle with ourselves as parents, our open hearts will transmit more love, nurturing our children, and watering the seeds of awakening in them. Let's create a world of whole, conscious children.

We Are Inherently Awake

Can we make anyone wake up? Absolutely not. Can we water and nurture the seeds of harmony, oneness, and other divine qualities? Absolutely!

Perception, Reality, and Bliss

Bodhi and Marshall Lefferts (Resonance Project, Thrive, Cosmometry) talk about "something bigger going on", expanding awareness, and bliss.

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